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I’m always up for getting involved with projects, collaborating and making things.

Contact me on lisarisbec (at) or give me a call 07740342338

I’m also on Instagram and twitter @lisarisbec

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  1. SMR permalink
    December 11, 2014 4:42 pm

    V interesting blog..and quite an insight into someone I know so well. One thing you do get with age (there are very few positives), is giving yourself permission to say and do what the hell you like and just do your ting!! what does it matter what anyone else thinks. As long as you are happy and fulfilled. Your conclusion though is right you need to DO more and plan less, your diatribe Blog is very good and I get the feeling your getting to know yourself better but you must desist from beating yourself up. No artist however talented gets approval from everyone, one mans rubbish is anothers fab-u-lous. So enough with the self analysis and just get on and do, knowing that most of us never really achieve our dreams but you should never stop dreaming (….maybe you would like to reduce them though).

    See you soon

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