What did you love doing as a child?


This weekend I will be at a festival, helping to run den building sessions with kids! Helping out my ace friends at Envirolution.

When I found out about it, I immediately started thinking about when I used to play as a child. Building dens was so exciting, and a total unplanned activity.

I think as we get older we forget about spontaneous fun and creativity. Everything has to be in the diary, or created as a Facebook event, or be done perfectly. But when we do something spontaneous it can shift our mindset and help us to relax and feel a little more free. It opens up your world a little.

Weekend creative challenge

This weekend, think about the things you loved doing as a child, and try to bring an element of that into your weekend.

It could be dancing to your favourite song and not caring how you look, baking cupcakes and decorating them in multicoloured icing, painting a messy self portrait. Or in my case – dressing up for fun in the most wacky clothes!

Let me know how you get on and share with me on twitter or Instagram @lisarisbec #weekendchallenge

Ps. I’m running a series of courses to help you to rekindle that creative fire. If you liked this post then Freeing yourself with creative play‘ could be right up your street “Learn art making techniques to free yourself up, have fun and relax.”


One thought on “What did you love doing as a child?

  1. I spent a recent family weekend in Sherwood forest building amazing dens with my neice, my cousin and my boyfriend, they had secret exits and fern leaf roofs, it was such a delicious, meditative, focused, fun activity – dens for the win! x

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