Paper and persistence


Today has been my first proper day back in the studio after the Christmas break. After a really positive coaching session last night with Beth I felt like I had some tangible actions that were actually achievable. I’m very good at sweeping vague goals like ‘Make some Art’ which just makes me keep putting it off as it feels so huge!

So, I got organised and wrote my to do lists on my GIANT whiteboard wall, split my ideas for experimentations into small tasks, then got to work.

One of my goals is to get in the studio every weekday and do at least 25 minutes of making. Day one complete, I actually ended up doing about 2 hours (Ha, tricked you brain!)

Here are the results. Shades of grey and texture, colour on brown board and collage offcuts on card.





“Limitation is the condition of our lives. What matters — what allows us to reach beyond ourselves, as we are, and push at the boundaries of our ability — is that we continue. But then everything depends on how we practice, what we practice.”

Glenn Kurtz from a Brain Pickings article I recently read.


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