The art of Zentangle and playing the game

Today’s session was a relaxing one!

Art for Wellbeing blog


Today we had a go at creating some meditative doodle drawings called Zentangles.

Zentangle is a method of creating artwork which;

“Increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.” 

Simple lines, or ‘strings’ are created out of pencil and then the resulting forms filled in using fine tipped pens.

The idea is that you are fully in the moment whilst creating. There are no plans or pre-meditated ideas, it is about following your intuition.

We were planning to do this as a warm up activity but we ended up getting into it so much that the time quickly passed and we decided to leave the other activity for next week. Most people found it really relaxing and freeing, though a couple of us found it challenging to stay focused in this way. I guess it’s all about practice.

The game
The progress…

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