Reading images


Interesting discussions at Art Academy image reading group.

Three images were discussed which kind of led us to discussing the collecting of images in general. From today’s technology enabling more people to make good images, to popular memes and the power of sharing content and potential for activism, to the collection of images and how they are presented by a ‘famous’ artist and the artists original purpose.

It got me thinking of the images that I collect and why. I feel like all the images I take are building up a picture of the way I view the world. What I find beautiful or fascinating. And questions about if what I like to photograph is ‘trendy’ does that mean it’s less valuable? I want to shout ‘but I was doing it first!’ But I wasn’t was I? It’s just that the rise of the internet has made everyone collectors and consumers of images. Is that a bad thing? Criticisms of Instagram and all images being the same? I love Instagram and this self-curating of your world view. I see people’s feeds and it shows me how they see the world and what they are interested in visually. It fascinates me.

It all comes down to that question of individuality, but everyone has those things that make them tick and everyone is slightly different. If you are truly interested in something and not just because it is fashionable is that OK? And maybe it’s the work that’s created out of this collection that differentiates you from the rest?

Questions questions, always questions.

And I think the answer is to just make things to find out. Make work, make anything, collect and document. Then when the inevitable questions rise up, just make some more.


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