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February 2, 2014

Art journalling is a combination of a sketchbook and a written journal. A way to enjoy the physical process of making art without the focus on outcome. Words and thoughts can also be incorporated too and anything goes.

I find it quite a meditative process and have just recently gotten back into it after the busy end to last year. Well actually the busyness of the entire year! It really helps me feel calmer and more positive and focuses my mind.

I’ve really enjoyed just trying out colours, sticking, painting and writing. As it is all about expression it is fantastic for a recovering perfectionist like myself. I’ve been trying to include positive ‘recovery’ words in there to inspire me. And have also worked in some of my words of the year.

There are also some interesting results and snippets of ideas that I might have a go at developing in my sketchbook. I find it interesting how pages develop and how themes begin to crop up.





If you want to have a go at art journalling here are some tips:

– A good tip for getting over the fear of the blank page is to get some paint (any will do) and put colour washes on a few pages. Just experiment with different colours, textures and brush strokes.

– When these pages are dry work on them in layers. Thick paint or sticking bits of coloured paper or newspaper work well as a next layer.

– Don’t worry if it is good or bad, just enjoy the process and work with either what looks good to your eye or what feels good to you.

– Once these layers are dry you can work into it with pen, crayon, pencil or whatever you like really.

– Try writing words from your day, inspiring words or anything that pops into your head.

– Move on to the next page and repeat.

Feel free to also ignore all of these tips and just do your own thing too. It is about you.

The important thing is that it becomes a regular practice (whatever that means to you) and that you try not to become too attached to the outcome and just enjoy the process!

P.S I’ve just launched a series of courses to help people explore their creativity, including one about Art Journalling, check them out here.

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