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Nurturing a calm mind (and a veg plot)

July 28, 2013

A triumphant grower (Nick)

Last night I went down to my allotment.

It had been a while, as the weeds were only too happy to remind me, but it felt great.

Even though the plot is a bit untidy there is still so much growing and I felt proud that I (plus my Husband and the help of a friend) had achieved this.

I helped things to grow, and put food on our table.

I did some vigorous weeding, after cycling over and felt the benefits.

Growing is something that I have done for years. Ever since being inspired by the Urban Gardening exhibition at Urbis, where I was shown that you don’t need a huge garden or experience to grow. I’ve been experimenting with growing vegetables in lots of different ways.

Growing has helped my mental health so much, and recently I’ve been reading about the 5 ways to well being;

Be Active
Keep Learning
Take notice

Growing food covers all these elements, which is obviously why it feels so good! I connect with my partner, and other growers on the allotment. I am always learning, as growing is one huge experiment. It’s a way of staying active and makes me take notice of the small changes and the way things grow. There’s nothing better than photographing the stages of things growing. And at the end of it all, we share the produce and share meals and recipes with friends. Particularly Courgette recipes (of which I have gathered many over the years!)

Something about being in nature, and watching things take their course helps to calm my mind, and slow the worries.

It’s a powerful thing to know that even in the depths of winter, spring is just around the corner and, no matter how unlikely it seems, the plot will one again be green and lush with weeds and produce.

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