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Gathering verses making. Or, just get on with it.

July 24, 2013
Image of a pile of Zines

Zines and things. Inspiration plus doing equals cool stuff


Recently I’ve read a few articles about preparing, gathering, being ‘in motion’ and they’ve all said the same thing. This article by Christine Kane, and this article on the Buffer blog and this article on Seinfeld and productivity really struck home.

Preparation can be key, but really, the most useful thing is just doing. Being in action, making it, doing it, putting it down in words, doing anything, but doing something.

I realised (I already knew, but it tends to take the same message being repeated over and over again for it to sink in) that I need to do more doing.

I have planned, I have prepared, I have read books and blogs. And really for me, it’s a safety net and a way of ensuring that when I finally start it’s perfect. 

Except, that isn’t possible.

Perfect is an unattainable illusion and I am gathering due to fear. Fear of starting and not getting it right, fear of not living up to how I think it should be and fear of what other people will think (mainly this)

So now what am I going to do? I am going to take action, any action and just get on with it!

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