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Art cart and how things turn out

May 14, 2013

A selection of work from Art Cart participants

Well, it’s the last Art Cart session this Friday, and the event on Saturday!

I can’t believe it’s May already and nearly over.

In January I headed to Rochdale, and it was cold. Freezing, and I couldn’t imagine it ever warming up. Many days it was snowing and the trees were bare. Now the trees are filled with blossom, and it still looks like it’s snowing with all the blossom blowing around. (It’s still cold!)

I was sat in a room full of strangers, wondering how it would turn out. And now, three months later, the end is in sight and it’s been fantastic.

At first people were quiet and apprehensive, a group of people from different communities who would maybe never have mixed if it wasn’t for this course. Ideas were whispered, tentatively tried out in pencil.

And now, people laugh and chat, share stories and jokes. Draw in pen, with thread and fabric, inks and paint and dive straight in there.

It feels like something great was started, ideas have been sparked and I really hope to see people take them and run with them.

The event on Saturday will be a time for people to showcase their work, and chat to people about their journey. As well as hopefully sell a few items. But mainly to be proud of what they have achieved.

After this, a short break and time for me to explore and create for myself. I’ve been inspired by the group. A time to practice what I preach!

If you’re around on Saturday, the event, arranged by Northern Lights enterprise team (the Arts Event and Enterprise course participants) is at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 11-3pm and will feature ‘Exquisite crafts, free creative workshops and atmospheric performances’ Come along, show your support and buy an original artwork!

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  1. May 14, 2013 9:06 pm

    Lisa, this just gave me goosebumps! you are so right, about the cold, the bubbling ideas and sense of togetherness. You have done a great job tapping into peoples personal creativity-cant wait for Saturday! Kerry x

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