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A list

February 22, 2013

Thoughts on creating
Start small
Experiment/ try things out
Carry a notebook/ paper everywhere
Sketch, paint, collage, collect ideas
Don’t try to make perfect journal pages – it’s about trying things out
Try to do something creative every day
Practice, it’s a case of trial and error
Sometimes the mistakes are the most interesting
Use all of your senses
Explore textures, sounds ,descriptions, movements, colours
Look at the world around you for inspiration
Go for a walk and photograph things you see – collect items, leaves/ twigs.

If you’re feeling stuck
Set a theme/ some limitations. Only using 1 colour, time limits, collage your mood etc.
Art Journal to get your creative mind working
Don’t edit or judge your initial ideas, just keep going
Prepare backgrounds for your journal/ sketchbook, also good to do when you have more time so it’s ready to draw/ collage onto
Take ideas from everywhere – the street, music, art, advertising, overheard conversations
Read books and magazines, take notes on stories you’ve read or images you see (or rip bits out if you can)
Do something completely different (but something active) Go for a walk, shower, wash up. You will sometimes find ideas just pop into your head when you’re not forcing them.
Be yourself. Some people will love what you do, others won’t.Image



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