Thoughts on art

P1040140eArt is being interested in the world and exploring that interest. It is having a thought, or noticing something and investigating or exploring it.

It is always an experiment.

These ideas are not good or bad, they are not to be judged, just explored and discussed. The final work may be judged (or it may not)

Artists have a seed of an idea an some do hundreds of ‘sketches’ before the work is resolved. The enjoyment must be in the process.

It’s having a question, hypothesis, a seed and experimenting until you have an answer, a solution or a set of outcomes which satisfy you.

Feed it and water it and care for it until it produces something that pleases YOU.

Always ask ‘what am I trying to say?’ (But sometimes that can be worked out afterwards.)

Momentum| Action| Motion| Movement


Gentleness| Ease| flow| Surrender


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